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Rep. Ralph Chapman

Green Independent from Brooksville, serving District 133

Sponsored 15 pieces of legislation

Committees served on
  • Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

Sources of income

Personal income
  • Counselor, Pine Tree Counseling Services, Pine Tree City
  • Representative, Maine State Legislature, Augusta
  • Smith's Lumber Company, Pine Tree City
  • Sole Practicioner, The Law Office of Jane Smith, Pine Tree City
  • Global Investment, LLC, Boston, MA (mutual fund)
  • Maine Public Employees Retirement System, Augusta (pension)
  • TIAA-CREF, Charlotte, NC (retirement)
  • Cetera Advisors, LLC, Denver, CO (investment)
  • National Federation of Independent Businesses (honorarium)
  • U.S. New Energy Association (gift)
Family-member positions and sources of income
  • Jane Smith, Principal Officer, Improve Maine's Economy PAC
  • John Smith, Treasurer, Falmouth Republican Committee
  • Dependent, Union Life Insurance Company, Boston, MA (trust distribution)
  • John Smith, Maine Department of Labor, Augusta (unemployment benefits)
  • John Smith, Attorney, Smith & Jones, L.L.P., Raymond
  • Dependent, Lifeguard, Pine Tree YMCA, Pine Tree City
  • Rebecca Poole, Visual Arts Specialist, Town of Surry, Surry

Businesses owned by self or family

  • 123 Broad Street, LLC, Pine Tree City

Non-governmental positions

  • Secretary/Treasurer, Bridge Year Educational Services, Inc., Bangor
  • Vice President, New Surry Repertory Theater & Acting School, Inc, Blue Hill

Sponsored legislation