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Rep. Patricia Hymanson

Democrat from York Beach, serving District 4

Sponsored 13 pieces of legislation

Committees served on
  • Health and Human Services (Chair)
  • Engrossed Bills (Chair)

Sources of income

Personal income
  • Representative, Maine State Legislature, Augusta
  • Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA (dividends)
  • Vanguard Group, Valley Forge, PA (dividends, capital gains)
  • Wells Fargo Advisors, Sioux Falls, SD (interest, dividends)
Family-member positions and sources of income
  • Alan Hymanson, Merrill Lynch, Lakewood, NJ (dividends)
  • Alan Hymanson, Physician, York Hospital, York

Non-governmental positions

  • Board Member, Families First Health and Support Center, Portsmouth, NH
  • Chair of Board, Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Portsmouth, NH

Sponsored legislation