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Rep. Kathleen RJ Dillingham

Republican from Oxford, serving District 72

Sponsored 4 pieces of legislation

Committees served on
  • Veterans and Legal Affairs

Sources of income

Personal income
  • Representative, Maine State Legislature, Augusta
  • Mary Kay, Oxford
  • Maine Real Estate Network, Norway
  • National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (gift)
Family-member positions and sources of income
  • Dana Dillingham (spouse), Shop Steward, National Correctional Employees Union, Springfield, MA
  • Dana Dillingham (spouse), Planning Board Member, Town of Oxford, Oxford
  • Dana Dillingham, Operations Officer, Oxford County Sheriff Department, South Paris

Businesses owned by self or family

  • D.D. Pork and Poultry, Oxford

Other political positions

  • Chair, Town of Oxford Republican Committee

Non-governmental positions

  • Budget Committee Member, Town of Oxford, Oxford

Sponsored legislation